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Terrible discovery: in the swamps of Europe discovered the body, which is more than 2000 years

NEWS PLANET 26.03.2019 at 16:29

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Body, which was discovered in bogs in Europe, very well preserved despite their age is two millennia. Most of bodies found was discovered in a bog in Northern Europe, quite by accident, during operation, special equipment for peat extraction.

Scientists put forward the most different versions. Some believe that it sacrificed the people who lived in ancient times in the iron age. They were first killed and then lowered into the bog as a sacrifice to the gods. Another part of scientists is inclined, and thus could be punished.

After a thorough forensic medical examination, it was safe to say that absolutely all of them died as a result of violent death. Some of the bodies had deep cuts on the neck, others were the remnants of the ropes. It is worth noting that the majority of bodies found perfectly preserved. With the help of expertise even managed to establish that the deceased ate shortly before death.

Some of the bodies that have survived best have been exhibited in museums worldwide as exhibits. Some of them even have the remains of the skin which turned bright red under the influence of acids, which are present in the swamp and a quagmire.