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6 APR can occur in a global nuclear exchange

NEWS PLANET 26.03.2019 at 16:52

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Absolutely all the media in early March said about the next possible disaster that can completely destroy the global digital world.

All GPS devices that exist on the planet associated with satellite and from it get information about the exact time. Every 1,024 weeks, the satellite must update the data to fully work. This can lead to some breakdowns and problems in functioning.

But in 2019 with the help of GPS are very different mechanisms. Update the counter of the satellite is scheduled for April 6. It is in this day can occur is a real disaster.

in order to avoid this, in 2010, they invented a special navigation blocks. They could easily cope with the problem of "April 6", but there is a great risk that the device may "go crazy". Media not sure, that would be a disaster, but just in case the inhabitants of the planet had been warned about the possible development of events.

it Should be noted that if, for example, fail Navigator on Board a combat aircraft, the missile can fly on their own. The same can be serious consequences resulting in abnormal operation of nuclear power plants or hydroelectric power station.