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Financial loss from the Calf and the problems in his personal life Sagittarius: horoscope for April for all Zodiac signs

NEWS PLANET 27.03.2019 at 08:58

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Aries. In April you won't complain of destiny, as everything will be fine. In the new month, you can safely change the place of work, on the personal front, everything will be quiet.

Taurus. Particularly difficult will be the first decade of the month – there are scandals with family and financial losses. At the time of discard active, enjoy a better self-cultivation and health promotion. Power and money will return to you in mid-April.

the Twins. In April you will be too conflicted and irritable. So far postpone important plans, because during their implementation it will be difficult to hold back. Don't keep problems to yourself – tell friends. Also near you is not the man that you need. Safely say goodbye to him.

Cancer. In April you will experience many good emotions. It is important to maintain contact with all the people around you, it's not just fate brought you together. At work your efforts will be appreciated.

Lev. In April you can fall into the trap of not really sincere and honest people. If you feel selfish motive, coming from others, feel free to break the relationship. In April, it is best to concentrate on work. In any case, not tittle-tattles in the workplace, otherwise you could lose him.

the virgin. At work, you may receive the competitor, through which you will be able to set the right targets. With money no problems, you might make a bargain. There is also a chance to meet a life partner.

Scales. The road to success is thorny, but to sustain it you can. Often go out to the people and attend social events. If you make the effort, we will implement our plans into reality. Of the minuses – in April, you're too impulsive.

the Scorpion. First, power will leave you, exactly like money. Apathy can cause quarrels with your loved one. Improvements will begin in the second half of the month, but for now relax, cancelling all meetings.

Sagittarius. At first everything will go like clockwork. Problems in his personal life and work will commence in the second half of the month, and they leave at the end of April. Just stay calm.

the Capricorn. If judged as a whole, April will be a challenging month, especially in the work plan. However you are sufficiently strong and independent to cope with all life's obstacles.

Aquarius. In April, the best thing for you is spiritual growth. You will experience apathy and unwillingness to do anything. At the end of the month can be, for example, to make repairs.

Fish. Expect changes for the better, though in personal life and at work. Possible mood swings. In order to avoid them, do not dwell on the bad.