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Catholics outraged by the strange behaviour of the Pope

NEWS PLANET 27.03.2019 at 09:18

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The Portal "The Sun" published a video, made in Poretskoe the Basilica at Loreto (near Ancona). The video to the Pope suitable citizens to kiss the ring, thereby honoring God. Strange, but the Pope every time he removed his hand, not wanting someone to touch her.

Many people called the behavior of Francis strange and even rude. The incident was like a bad joke. The gesture of the Pope of Rome has humiliated members. It is important to note that the touch ring is a required gesture for reverence of God.

One priest said in his blog that perhaps Francis simply decided to be modest, but the idea was not the best. In the middle Ages there was a tradition according to which each person must attach his lips to the ring of the Pope, to show his obedience to the Higher powers.

For each of the Pope an individual a gold ring, on which there is the name of the Pontiff. After the death of the head of the Catholic Church, the ring is destroyed. Interestingly, the new Pope Francis was asked to make a silver ring with gold for savings.