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It became known what really killed Yuri Gagarin

NEWS PLANET 27.03.2019 at 18:15

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Today, there are so many versions of death are known throughout the world cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. Opinions were divided, so the exact cause of the accident that killed cosmonaut, no one was able to call.

Gagarin Died in 1968, during the regular scheduled flight on a MiG-15UTI. At the same time was killed, and Vladimir Seryogin, who went along with Yuri in flight.

the investigation of the death of the astronaut was led by the State Commission. At the end the report was prepared, which consisted of 29 volumes, and all the details of the tragedy were strictly kept in secret. In General, the Commission suggested that were made too sharp maneuver that led to the exit plane of the cloud layer. He began to dive and went down vertically. All attempts to equalize a flying device nor to no avail.

During the study of the remains of the plane, experts found no defects in the equipment. In the blood of pilots also don't have any foreign substances.

Recently, the conclusions were made public. They said that Gagarin tried sharply to evade the balloon or leave the upper layers of clouds. Disagreed by many experts. Some of them said that the reason could be avoidance of other aircraft and the accidental in its undertow.