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On Mars discovered a huge alien ship

NEWS PLANET 28.03.2019 at 15:42

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All known UFO researcher from the Urals Valentin Degterev made an amazing discovery. The picture shows the surface of Mars the man saw the alien craft in full working order (according to Valentine).

the Spaceship hiding within the crater. It is important to note that he's not just standing there and levitates. The device holds most likely some sort of magnetic pillow. After some calculations Degterev found that the length of the object is 2 kilometers and a height of 80 meters. The device has a unique shape that is not characteristic of terrestrial aircraft.

you May, the ship arrived at the Red planet for the evacuation of the Martians in connection with a disaster. However, since the ship remained on Mars, all the aliens, most likely, killed.

Ufologist sure that what they saw cannot be explained from the point of view of science. Also, nothing like this could create nature. To this day a magnetic cushion works, that indicates the reliability of the technology of the humanoids.