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Review of the film "We" Reviews 27.03.2019 at 06:00

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Shadows don't want to know their place; a new film Jordan "Away" Saw almost Anderson.

In 1986, the year one girl faced in the mirror maze with its twin. Already today, she once again travels to the same resort town on the coast with her husband and with their children, and while inside she had a growing feeling of alarm near their summer house unexpectedly materialized other, hand in hand family: married couple, too, plus a boy and a girl; they are all in red and skillfully wielded the Golden scissors.

it is Clear why this film is so wait why around it noise. "We" is the second directorial project of Jordan Saw that the person who invented the "Off" and "Off" is, of course, already a modern classic: the film, to a certain extent changed our understanding of beauty in the genre of thrillers, horror and all sorts of other horrors. Many remember, was outraged by the fact that it is "Off" (and not "Three billboards") took the Oscar for best original screenplay, but the surprise was in vain: Drink offered is really great and original story (besides failing adequately to develop and implement a full meter) – and for that alone deserved the highest award.

As often happens, the second film has become hostage to inflated expectations and turned out much worse. That, however, had no effect on training camp: peel won reputation was enough to ensure that "We" - at least in America instantly became a huge hit, not just once having justified all hopes of cash, but excessively exceeding them. But if to speak not about the results well-built advertising campaign, but actually about the movie and its artistic value, this tape is a step not forward but backward, not success, but rather disappointment.

To begin with, it's a very uneven picture. There is, of course (but only from time to time), the elements of genuine horror: scared, nervous, everything. But it is totally out of place in the story and then rolled a rather clumsy humour, thereby knocking down targets: to be afraid or to laugh. No words, jokes in discharge quality horror only help, but here the author missed the "Golden mean", why the story at some point slipping into a black Comedy, criminally reducing the severity of the claimed (and shown in the final part) of the problem. Turns out betwixt and between, neither fish nor fowl.

But the main problem of the film, spoiling the impression of him – his mythology: not that weak, but poorly thought out, and most importantly - convincing. Power "Off" was that our (my) imagination enough to believe and accept all, of what is happening here, in principle, possible. ""We do not believe the notion entirely, it is, or Moore, or complete nonsense – but because everything crumbles and breaks to pieces.

Here is, perhaps, possible to say (who is going to the tape to see for sure read long ago abandoned), which as inspiration Drank picked this time – you want, anyway, so think about it – andersonsc "the Shadow," better known to us in the theater processing Eugene Schwartz (filmed twice, with this famous "Shadow, know your place"). But how he with such a promising plot in the end, there were, to please well can not: prescribed a "shadow" of inexpressive, and the reasons why they came to their "masters", not the cause, as said above, no trust. Alas, it happens.

However, what exactly will be remembered "We", so it's Lupita Nyong'o for which this is the first real major acting job after obtained now as five years ago, "Oscar". Here it is, finally, fully justifies weighed earlier advances – and only thanks to her this film (at least in theory) has some chances to get on the end of the year, regular premium distribution.

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