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As not to spoil the face 28.03.2019 at 16:29

Today I will acquaint you with the major mistakes in gymnastics and self-massage of the face. At the same time explain how to do it right.

In any gym instructor will show you the correct technique of exercises. With the wrong approach can seriously damage health: from sprains to torn ligaments and muscles.

the gymnastics of the face also has its rules and safety. If you want to from employment was the result and the appearance is not worse, please note the following.

Mistake # 1 — unprepared skin

you Cannot do the exercises with unprepared skin.

the Basic errors:

not to remove makeup and clean the face from dust and grease; wash with simple soap and water, washing away all of the protective layer, apply a fatty cream.

How to properly prepare the skin? First, to remove makeup, remove dust and excess sebum. This can be done by using a micellar water, biphasic medium or milk for the face.

secondly, it is necessary to refresh and moisturize the skin. You can just water, but I prefer a mixture of oils. You can then start training.

To the article was “alive”, added the photos from my practice. Here's the frame where I show you how to do exercise "Binoculars". Strengthens the circular muscle of the eyes and tightens the eyelids.

Mistake # 2 — training without a mirror

Most women think that it is enough to control the muscles during exercises of touch.

But you can not feel where not reached the muscle, and where overextended. Muscles work synchronously or not. So I advise you to perform each exercise in front of a mirror.

the Frame of video where I show you how to prepare neck and neck for the summer

Mistake # 3 — improper posture during class

Our muscular system helps the natural skin tension. When an incorrect posture, the muscles pull the skin or not enough, or very hard. And capillaries and large vessels are pinching the muscles and the skin gets enough supply.

it Turns out that wrinkles and poor posture are linked directly. Exercises bent over or putting your foot on the foot, you can get extra folds.

to prevent this, keep your posture. If not, before class, wait a few moments at the wall, touching her neck, shoulder blades, buttocks and heels. And then go straight back to the mirror to do.

Show how to strengthen the chin

Mistake # 4 — very frequent classes

the muscles of the face is not as the muscles of the body. They are mounted only on one side to the bones of the skull, and the other woven into the skin tissue. Here is not suitable the same rules as when pumping, for example, the gluteal muscles.

If you perform face exercises more than 15 minutes, you can get muscle pain, and new wrinkles.

When we give heavy pressure on a certain area of the face in the hope that you'll get the "nut", the result of overstrained muscles and the development of strong creases.

heavy load leads to a decrease in fatty tissue. Therefore the person loses weight and "crawls" down.

the Conclusion: to do the exercises you need exactly what the coach recommends. Do less — no effect. More effect may be negative.

the Frame of video where I tell you how to raise the corners of the lips

Mistake # 5 — applying a large force when doing

This error is more common when self-massage of the face. Some women during the massage try to push more, push harder. As a result, breaks capillaries, pinholes muscles and bruises.

In this case, I recommend to choose a comfortable pressure. Try to do self-massage, and compare sensations, the appearance of the skin. So start with a light touch.

the Exercise for the cheek muscles

Mistake # 6 — do it faster

Complex exercises and self-massage consists of 3 blocks: preparation, exercise and relaxation. Each of them has a certain duration, for which the muscle and skin have time to warm up, "to learn the proper position." If this is not done, then a cold muscle will have no effect. And this is the best.

So don't make the 15-minute complex of exercises for a couple of minutes. If in the morning there's time, move classes at lunch or evening.

seminar on the gymnastics of the face. Show students how to strengthen muscles and remove wrinkles on a forehead

Mistake # 7 — train all the muscles at once

When you are doing gymnastics, for example, eyes, exercise not only affects ocular muscles, but also the cheeks, the forehead. This may cause excessive wrinkles.

to the Desired muscle group should be isolated. Capture every area of the face using the fingertips or palms.

Show how to isolate the muscles of the nasolabial fold during self-massage

Mistake # 8 — training without graphics and fun

to Do 2-3 days with pleasure, on the rise is simply. Much harder then continue to exercise, do not delay classes and not doing the blame for that.

To get results you need to follow a training schedule. So you can see what a day what exercise do you do when it's time to move to the new complex.

And due to 2-3 passes some women throw training and more to them not returned. Or come back, but continue to do them from the place where they stopped.

What to do? First- make for yourself a training schedule. You can write them on a sheet, diary or notebook.

secondly, it is best to deal with a group of like-minded girls. The support helps to overcome 20-30 days and turn daily lessons into a habit.

Regularly doing 10-15 minutes a day, in a month you will notice that the face looks more attractive, young and fit. Then you will never want to leave.

— You say that a person can lift his hair?

— a must! A thinking person would have from time to time to do it!


Exercise on muscle helmet and a face


so, the 8 rules of gymnastics:

to Clean and moisturize the skin before charging

to Do exercises in front of the mirror

to Straighten his back, stand up straight

Doing exercises only once a day

Not to put pressure on the skin

to Spend on training all the time says coach

to Block those muscles that are not involved in the exercise

to keep to the schedule and make it fun!

Honestly about rejuvenation

I Have a series of articles about rejuvenation: the pros and cons of different types, expert advice, answers to frequently asked questions and the analysis of the situation, "rejuvenating quiz" with bonuses.

Leave an email in the form below that you want to get techniques and tips on this subject.

Author: Catherine malerova

the Image-maker, Creator of training on image and style, the author of the website Glamurnenjko. Since 2007, more than 500 customers went with me shopping as well. More than 5,000 people passed trainings and seminars on image and style.

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