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New School managers Yandex

Blog Yandex 28.03.2019 at 11:20

Blog Yandex

We opened the acceptance of applications to the School of managers. The school is designed for students and recent graduates of Humanities and technical universities that have decided on a profession but want to gain knowledge and experience. This year we invite to class are not only new managers but also those who want to improve in the field of marketing and product Analytics.

the School managers working at Yandex since 2012. Recordings of lectures given at the School last year, you can watch it on YouTube.

each of the three areas has its own program. It covers all stages of a product, from concept development to outcome evaluation run. The program provides not only training in the specialty, but also familiarity with related disciplines. For example, the Manager in the field of IT is not enough to know the basics of project management — you also need to understand the architecture of web services and mobile applications. It will also tell you in the classroom.

the schooling is free. Classes are taught by employees of Yandex: managers, marketers and analysts. Explanations are supported by examples from personal experience. Students will attend lectures and seminars and do practical tasks and to work on individual projects under the supervision of a mentor. The best graduates we'll call for a paid internship.

Graduation School of managers, 2018

Classes will be held in the Moscow office of Yandex from 1 July to the end of August, from 19:00 on weekdays and during the day on Saturday or Sunday. We accept to School the results of the qualifying tests. Selection takes place in three stages: first a test, then video interview — we show the questions, you write down the answer, then the interview. The list of successful applicants will be known on June 10.

to Perform the test task on the School website until April 21. If you are interested in several directions this way, make several applications. However, if you walk everywhere, you will have to choose one or the other. Students from other cities who have successfully passed the tests, Yandex will pay for travel to Moscow and stay in a hostel for the training.

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