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Who is entitled to financial help to leave and in what amount

Question - answer - Legal advice 28.03.2019 at 12:01

Question - answer - Legal advice

Material assistance to leave (the budget

institutions in particular) is one of the types of support that can

to provide a company to his employee. About how to apply for

additional funding, how many can pay for

what grounds the company reserves the right to refuse, read the article.

What can I do to make extra holiday

financial assistance to the annual leave (article of the labour code 17 confirms this) can be extended to all workers without exception.

the Specific amount and procedure of their issuance are governed by the internal

regulations company: this can be a separate provision on

the provision of bonuses and other additional payments, independent

section in position on wages or the collective agreement. In the same

the documents must be listed in cases of refusal of extradition

the extra financial resources. Most often it is unsatisfactory

the financial situation of the organization, but there may be other grounds.

to Refuse for reasons not listed in the internal documents, is not

. Also deem illegal the refusal based on the qualities

employee, the personal attitude of the management or other subjective