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How to fill out the advance calculation of the property tax for the 1st quarter 2019

Question - answer - Legal advice 01.04.2019 at 16:01

Question - answer - Legal advice


report the property tax — quarterly payment, which is

pass the tax on organizations-taxpayers on the property.

2019 year has brought many changes to the order of calculation of property

tax payment, and the forms of relevant reports. New

property Declaration is submitted only next year, but

the order of filling of calculation of advance urgent now.

When paid a tax on property of organizations in 2019

Rules for the payment of tax on assets of organizations shall be regulated by Chapter 30 of the tax code.

2019 property tax collecting organizations are subject

only the real estate. Previously organizations have paid a fee to the budget is not

only for the property owned, but also the movable

fixed assets: machinery, equipment, inventory, etc.