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How to fill out a form 6-personal income tax for the 1st quarter of 2019. Full guide

News - Legal advice 02.04.2019 at 17:26

News - Legal advice


is the reporting form for the tax to incomes of physical persons. it

tax agents must provide information on the income of employees,

calculated and withheld income tax for the reporting period. Pass in on

the report on form 6-personal income tax all employers are required each quarter.

report Form 6-pit

report Form 6-pit, the order of filling and granting

specifies the order FTS from 14.10.2015 № MMV-7-11/450@. At the beginning of 2018,

, it made a change to the order FNS of Russia from 17.01.2018 N IIM-7-11/18@,

which entered into force on 26 March 2018.