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Signs of "gray salaries", which is guided by the FTS of Russia

News - Legal advice 02.04.2019 at 17:34

News - Legal advice


FNS of Russia began massive raids on the identification of employers,

who pay their employees wages "in envelopes". What you need

note in the accrual and payment of wages, not to get

invitation to the "carpet" in, on, or, even worse, to tax audit

did not come herself? There are signs that are oriented themselves


What happened?

the Government needed funds for fulfillment of social obligations,

the President of Russia in the message to the Federal Assembly.

As previously stated the head of Federal tax service of Russia Mikhail

Mishustin, first and foremost, the tax authorities intend to replenish the budget due to the

identifying employers who pay workers wages "

the envelope." Relevant tax raids have already begun. But they

go to offices, they are looking for employers on recruiting sites,

social networks, ads, and poll workers