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MQL4: Write Advisor indicator open positions traders

Portal Forex trader 29.03.2019 at 09:03

Forex trading strategies, expert advisors, indicators, video training trade

Not so long ago appeared on the site, indicator the open positions of traders. I liked the fact that it is possible to simultaneously obtain data from multiple sources. In addition, in the framework of this writing, I'm a little visually tested this indicator and the result seemed promising. And today we're going to work with this indicator is to use the data in your EA.

so, today we are going to write an EA that will take data from the website and use them in the analysis. All the work of expert I would share several objectives: obtaining data from a string, parsing the desired data from the received string, the analysis of this data and transactions, recording statistics to a file for detailed analysis.

We will use the library wininet.dll which allows to obtain data from the network. We will also work closely with strings using functions such as StringFind, StringSubstr, StringConcatenate, StrToDouble, and others.

the Adviser was quite large, so the specific code to put in the article is inappropriate. This, together with detailed explanations can be seen in the video.


okay, we wrote an EA which takes data from the network, analyzes them and makes transactions on the basis of this analysis. You can get any data that you require, and which are shared. By and large, the complexity here is only how to correctly convert them from a string for further analysis.

I will set the EA to an account and will start to collect statistics in order to later continue the analysis to find the optimal levels, data sources, and support positions.

Download the source code of the expert Advisor lesson

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best regards, Dmitry aka Silentspec