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5 ways to love again its work

Orlan 26.03.2019 at 10:30


Even the most beloved work sometimes turns into a "Groundhog Day". Predictability allows us to plan better, focus better and work together more effectively. But sometimes monotonous work becomes simply unbearable. We offer 5 ways to bring back the enthusiasm — of course, with some effort on your part.

challenge yourself Every day fill thousands of papers? Compete with a colleague who has the documents folder to the evening will be higher. Answer a dozen emails? Keep in touch so that day to send exactly 13 pieces. Set small goals that will help you stay interested throughout the day. Yes, at least fake interested.

take the initiative to Find, can be useful on the job, in addition to their regular duties. Help in the organization of the party on the birthday of the company, participate in the charity program together with colleagues, organize yoga sessions, suggest new project and find like-minded people. Any unusual activity will help to cope with routine.

Reward yourself during the day When you finish that big PowerPoint presentation, you can go for coffee. If we now still call the unloved customer, can exactly 10 minutes to play a game on the phone. Such small incentives do work — of course, if you are a habitual procrastinator.

Believe that you are the only one close to you Ask a colleague if he feels the same. If so, you just have to come together to figure out how to diversify the working environment.

make Sure that you have a life outside of work If your job has become your life, it is not surprising that she seems so monotonous. Look, what else can take your power and time. Maybe it will be music lessons, sports, programming courses or drawing. Or just a new job — well, who knows?

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