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How to cope with the big things: the three most effective techniques

Orlan 03.04.2019 at 07:56


1. "Eating the elephant"

Imagine that your task is a big "elephant", well, very big – elephant big and heavy. And you want to eat it. Obviously, to eat it in one sitting will not succeed. So cut it into parts, each of which you can eat at a time

it is Possible to invite to the luncheon guests, give everyone a piece. So you can do business. Divide the task into such number of subtasks which can be solved separately. The task dimension will decrease and the solution to be simplified. In addition, part of the sub-tasks you can delegate to subcontractors

2. "Swiss cheese"

One of the finest ways to start a business is to try to turn it into "Swiss cheese." To do this, follow the "holes" in the case. "The holes we will call the problem of fast response. They may require only 3-5 minutes, but after completing them, you will go through the holes and the holes in the

So, if you only have 10 minutes of time, you can perform 2-3 tasks for immediate execution. The formation of the lists of rapid response be appropriate to include those works that is very easy to start and easy to perform. It is obvious that they must be either part of or somehow connected with him

3. "Express disgust – eat a frog"

To the West long ago there is a saying which is very well used when performing various cases. "If every morning you have to eat a live frog, you can then settle for consciousness, which is probably the worst with you today is not to happen"

– the Frog is the most difficult and unpleasant thing. In the morning, getting to work, you need to start with him. If you must eat two frogs, eat the ugly first of them. According to this method, you need to develop the habit of solving the most important and urgent tasks in the morning, without wasting time on other work.

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