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No peace for fools 26.03.2019 at 13:57 -

Kaliningrad, Archbishop and local honorable from the Communist party suddenly ganged up on a family of gnomes Komlenov, who last summer began to live the Honeymoon bridge through the efforts of the sculptor Andrey Sladkov.

the Archbishop wrote that these figures "to promote the ideas of neo-paganism, which has a destructive impact on the development of national culture in our region, and also negates the millennial cultural heritage, formed under the influence of Christianity" and demanded to remove them. The honorable the Queen has supported the appeal to the Archbishop, stating that "the influence of Christian holidays and customs to life cannot be underestimated." She also recalled that "there is a Great post" and encouraged "to limit their passions, to strive for repentance and transformation of spiritual life."

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while Komlenov not removed, Kaliningrad continue to knit them cute scarves and laying coins. Because of these dwarves life becomes better, and the stupid priests and honorables — no.