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WHEN ONE IN FIELD — WARRIOR 29.03.2019 at 18:21 -

In the early 30-ies of immigrants from Germany established the United States Nazi organization called the German-American Union (GAB —German American Bund). The American Nazis of German descent fought for the U.S. cooperation with Hitler, and after the Second world war called upon Americans not to join the war on the side of great Britain. At the peak of popularity of the German-American Alliance had about 25,000 members, including members of a youth organization. Led them to a German immigrant from Munich, anti-Semite and Nazi Fritz Kuhn, who moved to the United States in 1928 from Mexico. In March 1936 Hitler appointed kun "American führer", putting him to lead the GAB, made of two Nazi organizations.

the Procession of the German-American Alliance of new York, 1939

the organization of the Kuna engaged in Pro-Hitler, anti-Semitic and anti-Communist propaganda — to conduct marches and rallies, produced propaganda materials and films. Worked closely with other Nazi organizations, like the all-Russian fascist organization in the United States under the leadership of Anastasia Pensacola.

meeting of the members of the German-American Union in Wisconsin, 1937

Fritz Kuhn with parteigenosse, new York, September 1938

In the youth camp of the Nazis in new Jersey, 1937

the March of the Nazis in long island, 1937

Hitler receives a delegation of the Nazis from the USA, led by Fritz Kuhn, 1936 Fritz Kuhn (second from left) with colleagues at the German-American Alliance

In early 1939, Fritz Kuhn began preparations for the big rally of his organization. New York was invited by the Nazis from the regional offices of the GAB, activists from other countries. For the rally was rented to the main arena, new York's Madison Square Garden.

It was a time when the US emerging from the great depression, there was a strong sentiment of white supremacy and hatred of Jews and Communists. Radiopropagation Charles Coughlin, telling that all the troubles of Americans blame the Jews and the Bolsheviks, were collected in the States audiences in the tens of millions. Henry Ford and Charles Lindbergh openly expressed anti-Semitic views. The largest American media Mogul William Hearst was an admirer of Hitler — he came to Germany in 1934 and was accepted as a friend and colleague.

And here on this background, the American Nazis, backed by a certain part of the population gathered to hold the event in downtown new York, the most cosmopolitan US cities. On the eve of the Nazi gatherings to the mayor of new York Fiorello LaGuardia came the leaders of the Jewish community to ban Nazi Orgy. LaGuardia referred to the freedom of speech in the United States and said that the government will not intervene in politics, but the order will provide.

the new Yorkers met the Nazis in a mass protest.

new Yorkers went to the Madison square against Natsik, gathered at the call of the German-American Union. The police struggled to keep order.

the Who-the Nazis went out to smoke and got from angry new Yorkers.

To the Madison Square Garden lasted the Nazi Congress.

German immigrants of the 20-30s, went from defeated Germany to hate Jews and Communists, are ready to fight for a great America.

At this time in the United States from Germany arrived about half a million people — who-fleeing Hitler, the other was just looking for a better life, but certainly with a swastika on the flag.

20 thousands of Nazis gathered in the evening at Madison Square Garden.

Fritz Kuhn stepped to the podium to read a speech about how the Jewish-Communist press and its fake news hinder America once again become a great.

the Beginning of a speech by Fritz Kuhn

And all of a sudden the unexpected happened — the stage a man came running out shouting "Down with Hitler!". Stormtroopers Kuhn rushed at him, tied up and beaten.

the Nazis tried to twist resisting man tearing at his clothes. Police rushed to the site of the fight.

no One understood what was happening. Police grabbed the assailant and dragged him from the scene.

kun laughed, looking at what is happening, and then continued his speech. The Nazi Congress went on as usual.

the leader of the American Nazis attacked 26-year-old Isadore Greenbaum. He came to the US from Hamburg immediately after Hitler came to power.

that night, Greenbaum decided to get to the rally of the Nazis and see what will happen. More than an hour he sat and listened to the speakers, but when the scene came Fritz Kuhn, Greenbaum broke down and tried to break through to the podium. The police, who detained him, he said he wanted to stop the speech of Nazis. The judge fined Today for $ 25, saying that his actions could hurt other people. That night, the police detained about 150 protesters, but Isadore Greenbaum was the only one who was not afraid to fight the Nazis right on the stage their rally.

In November 1939 the new York mayor LaGuardia has initiated an investigation concerning the payment of taxes by the company kun. It was established that kun misappropriated more than $14000 $ from the cash of the organization, spending them on his mistress. The court sentenced him to five years in prison for tax evasion. In 1943, when kun had served his time in prison, sing sing, U.S. authorities revoked his American citizenship, which, as stated, he received illegally. Kuna was placed in a displaced persons camp in Texas, and in September 1945 was deported to Germany, where he died forgotten in 1951. His German-American Alliance collapsed soon after the US entry into the war.

Isadore Greenbaum, in 1941, when USA entered the war against Hitler, he volunteered in the Navy of the United States and served there until officer ranks. After the war, together with his wife Gertrude moved to southern California and happily lived there for the rest of my life. Died in 1998, surrounded by family and friends.

the American film Director Marshall Kerry sought in the archives of documentary photography took place 20 Feb 1939 in new York and edited from her 7-minute film, which last year was nominated for the award "Oscar". Let's see how everything happened what I wrote above:

One in the field — a warrior, too.