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Deportation to death 03.04.2019 at 16:56 -

March 31, 1939, London airport Croyden. Police deport a Jewish family, who left Czechoslovakia after the Germans arrived. Jews were denied entry into the country because of "incorrectly issued documents". When refugees were put on a flight to Warsaw, they threatened to jump out the window if the plane will take off. The pilot refused to fly, sent the family the next day.

in Just time, after Hitler came to power, Britain refused entry visas to 500 000 Jews. During the Evian conference, at which Roosevelt invited representatives of 32 countries for the solution of the question of the fate of 150 000 Jewish refugees from Germany, Austria and Czechoslovakia, all countries except the Dominican Republic, refused to accept them for various reasons or were limited to a small quota on entry (up to 15,000 per year), which was not selected. Thousands of Jews went to the gas chambers because they did not want to save — no one could have imagined what the Germans under Hitler.

From "Whitehall and the Jews, 1933-1948: British Immigration Policy, Jewish Refugees and the Holocaust"