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Hum,noise in REDUCTIE 48/11 51/13 Crafter-Crafter 30-35 (odnomodovyi)

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A New set of differential (Gearbox) for bridges Mercedes Sprinter w906 body, Volkswagen Crafter 30-35, model from 2006. Benefits, unlike the original, the differential is modular, i.e. interchangeable kit (satellites) and the main differential pair, the kit can be installed on Sprinter spark 904y body , also for VW Crafter 30-35. The gear ratio of 48/11 51/13. PR. Italy

Applicability: Only in odnomodovyi bridge. Marking bridge 48/11,- 741.415 original number A9063502023 Marking bridge 51/13 - 741.415 original number A9063501523 1.209 CDI, 211CDI, 213CDI, 215CDI, 218CDI, 219CDI 2.309 CDI, 311CDI, 313CDI, 315SDI, 318CDI, 319CDI 3.Crafter 30-35