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Exclusive!!!Collapsible reducer in the bridge 906W Sprinter (single)48/11, 51/13

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A New set of differential (Gearbox) for bridges Mercedes Sprinter w906 body, Volkswagen Crafter 30-35, model from 2006. Benefits, unlike the original, the differential is modular, i.e. interchangeable kit (satellites) and the main differential pair,the gear is reinforced with four satellites, unlike the original, where are installed two satellites.Accordingly decreases the wear of the node Kit can be installed from the body 901-904w , also for VW Crafter 30-35. The gear ratio of 48/11 51/13. PR. Italy

Applicability: Only in odnomodovyi bridge. Marking bridge 48/11,- 741.415 original number A9063502023 Marking bridge 51/13 - 741.415 original number A9063501523 1.209 CDI, 211CDI, 213CDI, 215CDI, 218CDI, 219CDI 2.309 CDI, 311CDI, 313CDI, 315SDI, 318CDI, 319CDI 3.Crafter 30-35