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How to survive a black band?

The MDX Awakening the spirit 28.03.2019 at 20:59

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A well-known moment, when suddenly there comes a difficult period in life, which we call the "black strip". We know that our life is like a Zebra, white stripe, then black. And this is due to factors such as cyclical. It is the periods that are similar to one another. When there comes a black strip, it seems that all the trouble fell on us. The key is to never dramatize about this and not drive themselves into a state of complete boredom. It is important to remember at this time a great proverb that everything is done, usually for the better. There is a law of the Cosmos, which States that the destruction of your familiar world, suggests that you go to a higher stage of your life.

And when there comes a time, just tell yourself that this is intermediate result, which leads to a better life. Take some time and everything stabilizes. For example, lost money - sorry. But it is a sign that you are someone I owed and paid off the Karma in the easiest way, money. You are not injured, not sick, your loved ones, and so we can rejoice that so you cost life. If you were fired from work and you are very upset about this, remember that if one door closed for you, it opens another with the best offers. Maybe deep down you haven't wanted to go there, and your intuition was talking about the fact that it is not your destiny. In moments the black strip, think about the fact that the world is neutral to any person, we build only your thoughts and actions. At such moments, you can always find a way and go the other way.

Take the example of children, they all take it easy and enjoy any changes. Everything that happens to us or around us, is only the reflection of internal state. And the universe is a large mirror. As you sow, so shall you reap, it is known to all. Belief in yourself is the greatest force at such moments, take a break and just relax, it helps a lot. I previously wrote that there are no errors, we get a new experience including in such periods of life. You need to have patience and just accept this fact that you need a little time to the situation turned the other way. In such moments, the knowledge of the truth, who is your true friend and who is false. Remember that even chess is no games no black pieces.

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