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How to recognize karmic love?

The MDX Awakening the spirit 03.04.2019 at 01:40

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Usually our Higher self chooses the object of love and the meeting with him. And these factors do not depend on the appearance of your elect or chosen one. It's no wonder it is believed that in the Universe each individual has a soulmate, and that's it. Here's just a taste of karmic love bitter. Because such love brings a person lots of problems. Karmic love, it's relationships that haunt you from past lives. Love at first sight between two people is always karmic. Even if they only meet the eyes, between them immediately aktiviziruyutsya communication on the energy level.

Karmic love can immediately recognize on several factors. People from different social strata, between which broke out in an instant sympathy. This applies to meetings with people of a different age, much older or younger than the opponent. This also applies to such a relationship, when a healthy man marries and marries a disabled person, knowing - what is love. Or the beautiful girl marries a guy who's generally far from the ideal of male beauty. About these spouses say they're not a couple. About karmic couples say that they have a sick love, but people live together and continue to tolerate each other, not having the strength to break the sick relationship. And it would not have a relationship with a partner, a final they will always be negative. Karmic addiction always causes pain. Usually one partner leaves the second, and then keeps coming back, and the second always takes it. In such pairs, in the absence of a partner , the other partner may even become depressed for no reason.

For example, the husband went on a business trip, and the wife finds no place. Or Vice versa, and after each breakup, the feelings flare up with renewed vigor. And when, finally, such relationships are torn apart for some reason, each partner thinks that I had shared with this man? How could I endure it for so many years. Karmic love will always be a long road with a string of overcoming. Relationships can seem smooth and harmonious, but it will be an illusion. Feelings in a pair are similar to the fire that will slowly burn their souls from the inside. And when a strong craving for the partner disappears and I want to look at others, it is a sign that the relationship has run its course. A painful affection disappears, and dependency on partner, when karmic relationship is over. When karmic love dies, one partner of a couple goes, regardless of the feelings and emotions of the second partner.

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