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Communication donations and karma

The MDX Awakening the spirit 04.04.2019 at 07:46

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In any civilized country the charity is considered to be the norm. Many people know that ten percent of their income or personal time should be spent on the charity. This word means support for the needy or investing in good deeds. It does not matter how much was given to a good cause, let it be small amount, but from a pure heart and without expectation of gratitude in return. After all, we often see ads on TV, that child needs urgent treatment. And we are asked to send a TEXT. The amount is small, for example in the seventy rubles, but if 10,000 people will receive this amount , you will get 700 thousand rubles. But if across the country will gather ten times more people, and send SMS, you get a big amount of seven million. Charity may not necessarily be material. If you're a lawyer, can sometimes give free consultations. If you work as a teacher, you have the opportunity to help with tutoring children that live in the orphanage.

the Stylist or Barber can always wish to give your master class. Because each of us lives in society and enjoys the benefit of the Universe, that's why tithing should it return. Since the ancient time, there is a tradition of tithing. In the Universe reigns the balance, if in one place will kill you, the other will arrive. Therefore, wealthy people are often philanthropists and sponsors. That's what rich people maintain their financial equilibrium, donating a portion of their income. And such actions, to provide yourself a brighter future and a new arrival in the money supply. Charity can be in the form of things or kitchen utensils for those who need it. You can take to the orphanage with toys or sweets, stationery. Or buy older neighbors a delicious cake and a packet of tea, they will be happy for such support , and sincerely thank you. If you are moving to a new apartment, old furniture can be simply taken outdoors and needs to themselves pick it up. Any charitable gesture is considered a good thing, only if it is sincere. Never need to say where you showed, don't expect the admiration and gratitude on this occasion.

Those people who show charity, and then everyone you meet person talk about it or write about it on social networks, do it out of self-interest and pride. Performing charitable deeds, we accumulate positive karma, make your heart kinder towards others. The mood becomes better, we see more good around you. At such moments transformirovalsya greed, and in your life you get new valuables. And of course we become happier from those actions.

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