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The aura of the house is the path to prosperity

The MDX Awakening the spirit 05.04.2019 at 00:35

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Energetically clean apartment or house , it is our well-being, health and happiness. The aura of the house , where the family lives, is a complex system, which consists of energy of all the people who live there. When the aura of the house formed itself begins to affect everyone living there. The calmer family relationships, the cleaner is the aura of the apartment. After all, negative emotions and thought forms are deposited on the walls in the house. In ancient times our ancestors built the house so that every plank protect and defend his master. From time to time your living space should be cleaned from informative dirt, it uses the flame of a candle, the baptismal water, aroma lamps, ionizers.

Every thing in the house vibrates and has its own energy. All items can be both beneficial and not. Every thing has its own history and magical sense. Leave all the troubles and bad thoughts outside the door. There to stay, it is our fortress and personal space. In the world everything is interconnected. And inner state of a person attracts similar external vibration. The information field around a person is formed from your emotions, feelings and moods. Often in the evenings, light candles, it will not take much time, but the negativity will be neutralized automatically. You can use wind chimes or bells, they harmonize completely all energy that comes into the house. Long known that each of us can feel when the apartment or house is nice, and when I want to escape from there in five minutes.

If in the house there were cockroaches, begin to rapidly deteriorate bought bouquets, or do not want to grow house plants, often burned out, you have bad dreams, a technique often breaks down , is a sign that urgently needed cleaning of the room. She is in good General cleaning in every corner and on every shelf, Cabinet and kitchen furniture, and after this you need to arrange a draft and ventilate all the rooms. Swipe the home audit and without regret throw everything out of order and beyond repair, all the dishes chipped, all unnecessary receipts and cards, jars and bottles. And then spray all the corners with Holy water. Then go around the house with a lit Church candle clockwise. Respect his house, and he will answer you with gratitude and a strong healthy sleep.

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