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How to take karma

The MDX Awakening the spirit 06.04.2019 at 02:37

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Karma is actions and their consequences, which makes a man. The basis of any karmic law is the dogma that you can never get away from the result. People will find and get on your path of life just that he will invest. For example, you want to be loved themselves must therefore love others and to be able to respect them. In order to in your life have been positive changes you want to make your hand. To always go forward, never to change others, you need to change only themselves and their actions, then they will change for the better of all the external factors.

Any event should be taken as an accomplished fact, we should not focus on the negative, it is always better to look for positive grain. You should try to find in each person something good does not need to look bad, no good it will not. Because often seeing the "speck" in the eyes of another, we do not see "logs" in their eyes. The universe is a mirror that reflects our actions, nobody is responsible for our actions except ourselves. All our actions carry consequences, if you are floating through life without purpose, then no wind will be passing you. Our present and future are always linked to past events. Never need to regret the past and don't have to guess about the future.

All the good you have to enjoy the here and now. To life came a new event, you need to let go of the old. Everything is always flowing and will change over time, a person teaches what he has earned by his actions. Each person chooses whom to be, he creates his own limitations, because it often does not believe in their abilities. You need to constantly increase your value by developing skills and implementing the talent. The best investment is in yourself. Never your efforts will not be in vain, the fact that the fruits always appear later, and therefore always requires patience to wait. And if you follow these simple principles, you will never be wronged by fate.

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