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Global markets cautious amid growing shopping expectations

Forex Club 05.04.2019 at 14:38

World stock markets on Friday cautiously grow in the hope of resolving the trade conflict between the US and China.

the U.S. stock indexes closed the day before without a single dynamics, as market participants are not yet sure that China and the United States will be able to reach a final trade agreement. Also, the market pulled down and the shares of the company Tesla, which collapsed after the publication of data about decrease in supply and manufacture of electric vehicles, as well as on the background of the litigation with the Commission on securities and markets (SEC) US.

the Asian stock exchanges on Friday has been able to grow, while the markets of China and Hong Kong were closed for holiday. Better than other markets in the region looked to the Japanese market, which grew to the weakening of the yen to the dollar.

at the close on Friday cautiously growing in Asian markets. A good signal for the markets of the region was a good statistics on industrial production in Germany.

the Russian stock market follows the example of other world markets and moderately stronger in the major indices. The ruble is heavier on average 20 cents to the dollar and the Euro amid rising oil prices that rose above $ 70 per barrel of Brent, and returned to the levels of autumn of last year.

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