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What you need to do before sminute cargo in the hold? Sea stories :.: Article 07.04.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

For what? That's what, one wonders, twice burned, and pieces of iron from the cumulative grenades in the skin adopted so that the detector reacts even in a disabled state, and now in any airport inspection humanly not pass? Only under these gates and they immediately alarming semaphore: "terrorist, terrorist"! And even the flashing light at full speed: "grab, grab"... And grab. We also do not feed bread, only let me pohvaliti and do not let go then. And prove what to whom... so, now everyone aeroflotska under the nose help of the Dushanbe hospital? What war? Those two grey squares with lespromchozes stamp? That you this month will use two bottles of "white". For the oven? Wood? Water from the column and once a week dancing at the club? Yes there is some schoolgirl! And this "life"? Point me at someone who has done it, and I'll beat it into the frozen earth by the tonsils without the help of a falling weight hammer and pile. Why is there a sweater of pure camel hair, and here — only Rob the working and the jacket? Why is there milk and dark chocolate — from the belly to the throat, and here — "the mass grave" of sardines in tomato sauce no ordinary styling, and then only on major holidays and the Day of Constitution? Who is it all decided for me? And I don't want? What I have seen but green fodder Tashkurgan and the foothills of the Hindu Kush? And those through the optics of the sight. The wood, the edge of the forest under a grey autumn sky Yes, the old "Dnepr", and the fathers? And I want everything! At once. To breathe in this world full Breasts, deepthroat so that I have got throat and back. It's a big request, so I have thought, and whether to release him to this devil, or to stick my fist down your throat and compacted there, in the stomach, tightly. To a place of palm trees and baobabs. I'm not only yourself. For yourself. And for myself. But in Udmurtia, which we Votkinsk "two hundred" was accompanied by. Get mom dad and son-a soldier, with honor for performance... And for him if his fate did not give such opportunity, want. To one hand hard to imagine what black and curly. And in her lips. While dyhalki enough. And the other too dark, but with such eyes... In which, as in a dark pool, and drowning is not a sin. Her too. On the lips. And the fingers... the Ring on the bottle of Jamaican rum. Why would we, respectable gentlemen?.. — Yo Ho Ho... Fifteen men on a chest of a dead man! Yo-Ho-Ho... And love. Love. From evening till morning. To the first, just starting to get colour back light to crawl in exhaustion to the open window, to catch up from the last effort, look out... and see the native mast flutter on the still weak port wind flag with a white rectangle on a blue background. All... Already on the go buttoning his Trouser belt: Bye... Bye, sweetie! I will remember you. Until Alexandria. Or Bourgas. What's the port do we have next? We'll see about that. See! Palm trees, coconuts, dancing right on the sand mulatto, lights of distant lighthouses and cities... Everything. All can see! And not using triplex armored personnel carriers. Or powerful optics of the sight. Eyes. And next. Just give me your hand. Reach out and take it. It is all yours... like this... Or similar thoughts were in my head immediately after demobilization. Perhaps not surprisingly, as soon as I put Thalassa vacation, I found myself in the Leningrad naval school. In The Shakedown. The judicial system we have led the chief of course and all he wants is for the whole group visa opened. Well, the structure of a vessel is so, then they will learn. Already after the release. When we get on a particular vessel and not only will see, and handles, handles all the device iterate to the last screw. Accordingly, each lesson is started out like this... Oh, and before class he whole group was forced to buy a thick notebook on 45 sheets, maybe someone remembers — in a leatherette cover?! And then, like, if thinner then mine, such important subject matter, it might not be enough. In General, he comes into the audience and says, "Oh's, boys... soon the sight!" And under his arm he's got — all of our private Affairs, 40 pieces, and let us enumerate: one that is not, what help is not enough, where it is necessary to submit the request and so — almost a year! Sight at the time — a serious matter, not like now. So, we have all the notebooks by the end of the course from the records and there was only one (the first!) the page has drawn the silhouette of the ship and signed the bow (nose) and the sternpost (feed). And that's all! For the entire course (full academic year)! The lesson ended, he all the folders were collected, groaned and said, "Hey, guys... Remember how you want to look for short sight," and went with all the paperwork. I kept thinking, how the exams are we going to take?! But as the "hour IKS" has come, as always, it cornered with a stack of papers, said his catchphrase about sight and said, "Here, guys, who is going to answer my question, put five, and the rest of the Quartet." And asks: what should a sailor when roll a barrel into the hold? Well, it began — in his own way, each of the five hunting. But... there it was! No one answered. Then he so happy, with a radiant face, and said: — Before you roll the barrel into the hold, you need to lean and loudly yell down: "Hey guys, WATCH out!" And after that... Well, it says estimates put I and you guys want as short sight. And left... And the device of the vessel, we have then, in practice, mastered. And not just there eyes or handles. But his head from time to time to enable had. And in fact... one never knows. "Hey guys, WATCH out!" ...

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