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As the iPhone is killing larks? :.: Article 07.04.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

"the early bird catches, that God gives". "You get up early — will step away." "Who wakes up early half alive." "Who gets up early, that fungi take, and the lazy and drowsy go behind the nettles." "Early frost." "The early bird clears the beak, the eyes late tears". Do I have to prove that the early morning rise is good for the business and health? And happy the man who from early childhood to late old age were not down for long sleep rhythm. In any case, more happy than he who dokatyvayutsya to large psychiatry because of the systematic failure of biorhythms, when the job makes you get up early, and rest days allow to lie until noon. It was good to live with a happy and healthy habit to Wake up at 4 in the morning. Before leaving for the job can be as much as four hours in complete silence to study science and arts, and then the whole day was filled with the realization that something important has been realized, the debt to destiny fulfilled. Waking early and good night's sleep — the guarantee of health and uspeshnosti: Depositphotos don't want an Alarm brain for a few minutes to Wake up shows some kind of magical dream, full of deep meanings and preparations for the morning's work. Up with finished ideas, and then a solid delight of creativity. However, all ended, and unnoticed beginning of trouble on the receipt for the purchase of the iPhone. However, its role could play any device with Internet access. Purchased a brand new iPhone was full of mysteries, which awakened in the night to test the hypothesis. As a result, the sleep was broken. They say that if you Wake up at 2 a.m., two hours to work on books and back to sleep until morning, then science would be great to keep in his head, wonderful structurewas during the morning zasypaniya. Maybe it is, in any case, the entire courses of students, inspired by this idea, show extremely good results. Perhaps because two hours in the middle of the night — the only time I can devote to focused work. But early zhavoronochki awakening no worse. Broken sleep has led to the fact that I had this morning to set the alarm clock. It is in the same iPhone. Already holding a box-a gadget that has everything, it's hard to resist viewing messages, letters, notices. They catch the attention and lead into the content region. The result of the morning watching videos, lying in bed. But it is terribly relaxing. It turns out the sleep talking video channels. But when polypropelene, attention is immediately captured by the content of the video does not work because a Central control unit, which is usually practiced morning planning. Photo: Depositphotos As it is known, what is not used, dies. May die and a function of awareness. It is well known to people who have fallen into different kinds of dependence. At some point a series of small but annoying and uncharacteristic for me failure made us think about what is happening and why it started. Start date is accurately known thanks to the pin on a purchase, and something important with that time lost. It is known fact that to achieve mastery and recognition in a highly competitive environment it is necessary to spend approximately 10 thousand hours, that's 7 years of lessons at 4 hours. More than half the way to success fail because of the morning sleeping under the mumble channels. But 10 thousand is for significant achievements where you have to defeat the competitors, but for everyday life it is sufficient to obtain the skills of the middle level, and there is enough from 20 to 50 hours. In particular, the invention and refinement of their system of study accompaniment took me only a week early morning awakenings. For a second week was to write a book that helped many to become passionate musicians and fans. It is available to me today, the way to add happiness to the world. But first, have to cope with them and prevent yourself once and for all to keep in close access to the iPhone. Photo: Depositphotos does Not know whether it is true or not, but I liked the idea that the phone is pointed at the window closest to the cell tower, eliminating the room from the waves that otherwise would trail him through the whole house. With this idea the phone has got a permanent place very far from our place of sleep. At night, the little phone that is turned off, and removed it a permanent place. Produced old jarring alarm clock, in our time looks like a priceless antique. But a habit to be happy a lark is not refundable as easy as they would like. ...

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