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Had Tsar Ivan the terrible? :.: Article 07.04.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Times, when ruled by Ivan the terrible, till now the historians are in dispute. The so-called time of Troubles was highly controversial not only in the foreign policy of Ivan the terrible, but also in the interior. Mainly because of the mistakes of the king. However, this did not prevent him to arrange feasts with rich tables. What was terrible for them, history has not preserved the recipes. But apparently the richness of the tables were "recreated" in the film "Ivan Vasilyevich changes a profession". Of course, comedic approach the audience appreciated, when the background of the dishes with sturgeon and caviar has been shown a small platter with overseas caviar eggplant. This moment has always been in the hall of Homeric laughter. As showing the party is supposedly the king of the audience in the film could estimate that he ate himself a real king. Cooks tried to time the shooting of the film in the most authentic way to decorate different dishes Banquet tables. And few people know that they relied on the records in the Chronicles that remained in the archives of the sixteenth century. It is curious that these records belonged not to a meal of Ivan the terrible, and to the ordinary tables of the common people. That is, such food could be in those days on the table of the king. What kind of "national" dishes it? It is known that the king loved on the Desk of the pike, in different types of cooked. And even he planted in his Royal ponds of young pike in the gills vdet rings with embossed inscriptions that pike put the king. In Russia, this fish was considered the most available for fishing, as it quickly grew to a large size. Pike caviar is easily stuck to the legs of waterfowl and then was spread to other waterways. There are many recipes from pike. Especially prized pike head stuffed with crushed garlic. The fact that the sides of the head of the pike to eat meat growths. Additionally, when parsing the head to pieces, too, always have meat. Garlic also gave the head special taste. In fact, pike like "booze" when it turned out the brine from the garlic salt. For the aroma of the head of the pike is covered with a strong smelling wild herbs. Put on top of the pickled apples and berries. Photo: Depositphotos is Quite on the table of Ivan the terrible could be the dish with the rabbits. Them in Russia had very much. Like pike, hares, too, were brought to Moscow on the Tsar's table. Although rabbit meat is not considered a delicacy, but because of its tender properties, and that fits in well with other dishes, gradually emerged a lot of recipes Sicily. Bar tables valued and rabbit brains "wiercenie" cleft of the kidney. It is interesting that the Royal food and the food of ordinary people is not much different. Not believe it, but here's an interesting fact: black caviar the people could buy, like a regular turnip. The eggs were so much in Russia that it cost even cheaper than salted pike caviar. The paradox arose because of small pike caviar demanded special care when removing from the belly. The larger sturgeon taken out easily and prosleeves much faster. Photo: Depositphotos should Not be surprised, and that on the tables lay a solid sturgeons. But here's the meat of domestic animals replaced wild meats. The reason for this is that the animals all had plenty. Hunting is conducted year round, while the home cattle were slaughtered mainly in autumn and winter. ...

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