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A review of the animated film "missing link" Reviews 05.04.2019 at 07:18

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London dandies made friends with a Snow man; another masterpiece from the Studio "Laika".

Sir Lionel frost, the specimen of the British gentleman, in addition to their research studies known, for example, a scandalous affair with a Russian ballerina, is found in the New world with a Snow man and goes with him to look for the Himalayan Shambhala, cherishing the dream to write finally all the recognized "step to science" ("a Deep impression!").

"the missing link" - a new film Studio "Laika", and this fact alone would seem enough to finish the review. Just think about the previous works of these masters – "Coraline in country nightmares", "Paranorm or How to tame a zombie" (also, incidentally, set by Chris Butler), "the boxtrolls" and "Kubo. The legend of the samurai" - and you'll see your movie or not.

However, the creators would not be creators if with each new painting I tried to take a new height. New cartoon (what a banal, it turns out that the word to describe the magic that we see on the screen) – definitely a new stage, the only question is in which direction.

the fact that the "missing link" - sort of like not really a cartoon in the sense which we have in recent years become accustomed. He's not exactly childish, he's just kind of funny, he even laborrelations. It is unusual; definitely not like almost all his other relatives. So he either fooled your expectations, or, on the contrary, they will exceed a hundred times – depending on what you generally expect from an animated film.

Although kids will like it. And jokes in it (moreover, for the first time in my memory, in the hall laughed out loud service, protecting movies from piracy – and you've probably seen these stern and as unsmiling guys). The action scenes – there: take the prologue in which the hero acts as a sort of forerunner of James bond, searchanyway devour his assistant, the Loch ness monster.

But the feeling is that all this is nothing more than vignettes, framing in General, slow, measured and very strict narrative. In other words, there are all the signs of the usual cartoon, but it is something more. And yet more elusive. Then as if not to hold on, go and try to catch the air. It is confusing, and leads to admiration. Sometimes connoisseurs rejoice only that defies standard description.

However, if you still take the "missing link" with something to compare, it is much easier to compare it not with any cartoon, and ... with the "Green book". It is closer to her already all the formal characteristics of the genre – this is a typical road-buddy movie. In addition, about a world full of flaws (and the action here takes place over a hundred years ago, when the Earth lived only one and a half billion people), about outcasts finding each other, despite his complete opposite. About the usual – for all its strangeness - people, in short.

And it is about the fact that relationships (of any partner, friendship, love) right not to notice the small errors or weaknesses expensive to you. And the truth is: who cares if a huge man chose he liked the name Susan? It would be a good heart and a great soul, and the rest is easy to deal with.

Surprisingly, by the way: banal, like, things – and this film, they sound fresh and somehow new.

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