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Sarik Andreasyan and Dmitry Nagiyev emigrated to the USA (yay?) Movie news 05.04.2019 at 10:19

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Of the Film "Big movie" and "Russian World Vision" started filming the drama sarika Andreasian "homeland" - about the plight of Russian immigrants in the United States.

Started shooting a drama sarika Andreasian "Rodina" Dmitry Nagiyev in the title role. The first day of shooting coincided with the birthday of the actor, that did not prevent him to begin to work. Also in the film are Hope Mikhalkov, Yuri Stoyanov, Vladimir Yaglych.

the plot of the film tells about people who left Russia and made a life in America. The heroes are trying to erode itself from the Russian spirit, but nature takes its.

Sarik Andreasyan Our film is that wherever you wind up destiny, the Motherland is always with you and inside you. That homeland is not only the place of your birth, but the mother's care, grandma's food, my fatherly advice, childhood, memories, habits that make us who we are in every place, wherever we were. That, it being far from the homeland, we are all looking for the same as us to be friends. This is a film about love for the Homeland, which does not depend on politics or even on any external factors, it is about love, which is in the heart, which in spite of everything.

Recall that not so long ago his film with exactly the same message and exactly the same title released Peter Buslov - curious then to compare.