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The dark fate of the Terminator and Sarah Connor Movie news 05.04.2019 at 15:16

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During the presentation of the sixth film about the terminator at "CinemaCon" Las Vegas was presented the new footage of the upcoming blockbuster.

At the "CinemaCon" was shown new footage from the sixth "Terminator" from Tim Miller. Picture the presentation was presented by the Director and cast: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton (this is the first return of the actress in the franchise after "doomsday"), Mackenzie Davis, Gabriel Luna and Natalia Reis. In an interview with "Variety," Linda Hamilton has shared his experience filming the movie and said that "the last three films are easily forgotten":

Linda Hamilton Happens, you start to invest in the franchise, but for some reason, characters that you care about, was not there. Too many people, too many story points. So I think we did a good job, again narrowing the focus of the narrative to approach the first two pictures.

Meanwhile, the film's Director Tim Miller praised Linda Hamilton and said that her return is "determined" for him in the "Dark fate":

Tim Miller (II), the Film can reinforce or break one thing - if I care as directed about the characters when everything explodes around them. I'm sure every filmmaker says that, but I really tried to focus on the relationships of these characters with each other. And the fact that Linda is back, making this part of the Terminator fresh, this story can only continue with her role of Sarah. This is the most important to me. Linda re-invented this character in such a way that honors who she was before, and brings something new to the role.

Miller also noted that new actors also breathed new energy into the famed series of movies James Cameron:

Mackenzie's incredible, people are amazed at how awesome it is. And Natalia is wonderful — when reading the scenario may seem, "Oh, she's not a warrior and not a soldier" or something, or you can start to worry that it will overshadow the other four characters, but absolutely no. She's amazing, on-Fi-gene-tion! Since a significant portion of the film takes place on the muddy outskirts of society, I wanted to bring the sensibility of indie film in the action-the plot in a way that seems you have never seen before... at least, with a large budget. At the front we have a lot of strong moments that drive the characters, but the reverse side of the film, it is approaching CP*HB .... Holy fucking CP*HB is just not to stop. And we tried very hard to remove all the different and fresh - not that people are just bludgeoning each other; it's a roller coaster, and I think very good.

Recall that James Cameron had full control of the process of creating a new "Terminator" taking on the responsibilities of producer and screenwriter, and the film will start from the "judgment day", completely ignoring all the previous (or next?) continue. To plunge into the vortex of time, which all these years has pulled in characters of the Saga, so will the audience.

it Should be noted that Russian distributors (as always) distinguished by the adaptation of the subtitle of "Terminator: Dark destiny", officially changing the name from singular to plural: "Dark destiny".

Old, but not useless, "Terminator" will be back on the big screens of Russia on 31 October 2019.