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Great Coppola again, calling everyone in the Sprawl Movie news 05.04.2019 at 18:03

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Francis Ford Coppola once again announced the launch of its new Grand film; from his mouth we hear about "the Sprawl" for many years - and long ago ceased to believe in it.

"the Sprawl" will be the next project of Francis Ford Coppola, what a great Director announced on the eve of his 80th birthday. The film's plot will develop in a utopian new York. The script has long been ready, in the words of the master, at the moment it begins casting. According to rumors, one of the main roles could get Jude law, but the official statements on this account yet with any of the parties.

However, it is worth doubt that "Sprawl" will ever be filmed and released on the more screen, as the Director is not the first time telling the media about this "new and ambitious" project. Will he keep his words this time will show, as they say, time, which, unfortunately, works against the 80-year-old Maestro.

However, Coppola once again says that "the Sprawl" should be a kind of culmination of his decades-long career. So if you still believe in the best, you can keep the hope that such extensive work could take its rightful place in the filmography of the Director along with the iconic "Apocalypse now" which is re-rolled on April 11 in honor of the landmark anniversary: the outstanding war drama for forty years!