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If a legal entity is obliged to issue a receipt, if the SP was paying c's personal Bank account

Question - answer - Legal advice 04.04.2019 at 12:08

Question - answer - Legal advice

In cases where the PI listed legal entities funds from your personal Bank account, the company shall punch a cashier's check whether the PI settlement account or not. Relevant information was published today on the official website of the journal "Tax policy and practice", established by the FTS of Russia. The tax office indicated that the status of IP allows in some situations to act as individuals, others as entrepreneurs. Due to the fact that the money came from Bank accounts of physical persons, the contractual partner-a legal entity is obliged to apply KKT (item 1.1, clause 1, article 1.2 of the Federal law of 22 may 2003 № 54 "On application of cash registers when effecting settlements in the Russian Federation"). Recall that in the delivery of goods by independent courier service, which is the paying agent, the cheque must be issued by this service.