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The order of carrying out examination of textbooks is proposed to improve

News - Legal advice 09.04.2019 at 10:44

News - Legal advice

A Group of state Duma deputies headed by Sergey Mironov considers it necessary to require expert organizations to waive examination in the case of interest in the results. We are talking about cases where the customer of examination is its affiliate. Also in the case of the bill, the experts will not have the right to participate in the examination of the textbook, if it leads to a conflict of interest. It is assumed that in this situation the experts will need to notify the expert organization of such conflict and withdraw from participation in the examination. It is planned that the failure to comply with these requirements by experts will be considered grounds for the recognition of examination results invalid, the exception of the textbook from the Federal list of textbooks recommended for use when implementing state-accredited educational programs of primary General, basic General, secondary General education. In case of acceptance the law will come into force after 90 days from the date of its official publication. It is expected that from this date, the expert organizations and experts who have previously completed the examination of the textbooks will have to abandon its implementation if there is interest or if it will lead to a conflict of interest.