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Juicy banners in Photoshop (2019) Video

NetFact.Ru: Download - free Popular online Library 09.04.2019 at 19:49

NetFact.Ru: Download - free Popular Internet Library

Site Visitors NetFact.Ru – You the video "Juicy banners in Photoshop". This course differs from the usual design courses. There will not be a boring theory, abstruse words and the water. Only the practice of creating spectacular banners on the steps.

Will practice the skills of cutting out objects, combining different images, creating complex backgrounds, decorative elements. You will master the layer mask, learn how to cut the hair, brushes to create different effects, and more.

You only have to repeat, and then come up with based on your option, which you then put in your portfolio.


Lesson # 1. Create banner "Juicy discounts"

Lesson # 2. Create banner "Brutal discount"

Lesson # 3. The new banner "the Bright way"

Lesson # 4. Creating a banner of "a Music party"

Lesson # 5. A banner Black Friday

Lesson # 6. Create banner "Life is not good"

Lesson # 7. Creating a banner of "Pride and prejudice"

Lesson # 8. Creating a banner of "Open set"

Lesson # 9. Create banner "pizza delivery"

Lesson # 10. The new banner "All the best for you..."