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The game economy themes of the day 04.04.2019 at 21:02

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More recently, computer games were seen only as entertainment. Mom told her children: "forget that nonsense, this money does not earn, take care of business!" But it was fun to "play" online with friends! It took quite a bit of time and online games have become a huge market with the possibility of serious earnings, their Championships, idols, and very serious players. We decided to study this phenomenon, plunging deeper into the eSports environment and finding out how much money is "cool" in this market, who and how earns.

People playing games

Let's start with how eSports works at all. In contrast to the usual sports like football, eSports is not known to all. However, its scale is impressive. According to Nielsen, the audience of eSports in Russia is more than 10 million people, while the core audience (64% of all participants) are people from 18 to 34 years. That is, contrary to popular belief, it is not only students and youth but also quite successful middle-aged people.

What do they do? According to the Manager of business development gaming systems in Russia HP Inc. Sergei Mielec, the most popular eSports disciplines in Russia are Dota 2 and CS:GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive). It was around them growing eSports market in our country. Their peculiarity is that it is interesting not only to play but to watch how others play.

Among those who play games, stand out top players and teams participating in Russian and international tournaments. There are so-called streamers who broadcast their games online. There are viewers who watch these broadcasts and watch the major competitions.

Experts point to the quantitative superiority of men in eSports. "In my experience, men are critically more, — says Sergey Melzi. — Hardcore players — mostly boys. But there are girls, sometimes very cool, really rare, for example, in the stream. Here everything in life: men are more intent on competition, and female social role ("the healers", "calipers"). Girls in games are often more social role."

by the Way, there is even a Federation of computer sports of Russia (FCS), which is organizing and hosting tournaments and building the infrastructure of eSports in the country.

of course, the market comes more and more large companies: banks, mobile operators, producers of computers and components, etc.

Game work

If earlier online games for clients was only amusement and even of expenditure (on equipment, leveling, etc.), now this hobby may well become a source of income. You can earn as playing (and winning), and translating his game to others.

"at First you just play for some time to gain experience, then you begin to notice other players you build a team, — says Ivan, a big fan of the game Dota 2. — The team that achieved something, living through advertising and prize money. The higher you go, the more work. The team's so-called second tier are more likely to participate in competitions in Russia. If you are lucky to take the lead — you will find a world tournament. As I recall, the prize Fund in the last world tournament was more than $ 30 million. And of course, successful players get more favorable contracts from sponsors". Also on online games actively make streamers. Their income consists of money from the sites where they post content (Twitch and Youtube), as well as from the so-called donations (gifts) from the appreciative audience. So streamers can earn from 15 thousand to 50 thousand rubles per month. Streamers with large audiences can also count on sponsorship fees to promote in their stories certain brands and gadgets.

ESports earnings are different in Russia and in the world. "Top players like in CS:GO, earn tens of thousands of dollars monthly, — says Sergey Melzi. — You need to understand that this is a very competitive environment. And such revenues have only the best players, which is very small. That is, if in football you don't have to be the coolest player, but to be in the League and very good money, it did not happen. In eSports you're either in the top or some have fallen short and your income is already significantly lower. Yes, you will earn more money than if you went at your age to work in the office. But superdorogo will not."

it Turns out that, as in any sport, to get a lot of money, you will have to climb to the top. However, to monetize online games as a hobby is also quite possible. So next time you say that all this is nonsense, tell us what you also earn. And continue to play in peace!

Sponsors, special Bank cards and platform operators

Market keeps growing and more and more large companies are showing interest in him. And if earlier it was some pitting, one-time actions, but now many companies such as HP, MegaFon, Tele2 and Mail the Bank entering this market with major long-term projects. And some of them are even the owners of the teams. A good example and her team, which it owns through holding ESforce.

Banks pay more attention to eSports. So, Mail the Bank launched a gaming Bank card with special design, owners who receive access to the portal for competitive players, where you can chat with the top players for free to participate in exclusive tournaments and discounts at partners of the Bank.

"According to various surveys, the volume of Russian market of e-sports is about 45 million dollars, and worldwide — $ 1.6 billion. This market in Russia offers great growth potential, — the Director for marketing and public relations Mail Bank Evgeniya Lenskaya. — In addition, according to some studies, spending gamers on games is growing annually by 15%. And the latest market research from Nielsen determines an average monthly income of a fan of eSports in Russia at 42.7 thousand. It's a young audience that we want to build relationships and offer interesting and relevant products. Our map gamer — such product".

in addition, the Bank cooperates with the FCS of Russia, being a General partner of the Cup of Russia on eSports and giving special prizes to the most valuable players.

Cellular operators, of course, are not left behind. So, Tele2 and MTS almost one after another issued a special gaming platform, giving users the special advantages.

"With the development of gaming platforms Cyberhero, we focus on the tournament site where each user can monetize their gaming skills, — have told in a press-service Tele2. — Every week there are at least two tournaments with a prize Fund of 5 thousand rubles. While access to premium tournaments with a prize Fund worth 5 rubles per day for subscribers of Tele2. We also hold free tournaments, which are open for all users of the platform. In the near future Tele2 will change the monetization model, to expand the list of prizes and principles of user involvement in tournaments so that the platform has become even more interesting for gamers. At the stage of the pilot audience Cyberhero each month has grown by 25%. What is the operators? The operator may offer modified compared to the classic gaming service, adapting it under a smartphone. For example, we are zeroing in on traffic for the viewers of the stream and planned to focus on the development of mobile gaming."

And of course, sponsors eSports events are the producers of computers and components. For example, HP with their line of gaming computers Omen.

"As a manufacturer of hardware, we are part of this ecosystem, — says Sergey Melzi. — We produce the hardware that allows athletes to play. But we are the core of eSports. The kernel is the game. But, we're tool. In addition, we sponsor teams and events. This marketing and reach history. It is not necessary to wait for higher profits tomorrow, the sponsorship activity is aimed at the longer horizon. The effect of this is achieved when the brand is gaining some momentum. The more we see that the audience of eSports grows and becomes more solvent". So, more and more large companies will enter this a bit odd, but promising market.

a Simple hobby has suddenly become a major direction of the sport and business. The Olympic Committee even had the talk about how to turn e-sports into the Olympics. And the most outstanding players now can earn very serious money.

The market grows and develops, the audience also grows and gets richer. So in the near future in e-sports as sponsors may well come premium brands. And this is not surprising.


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