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25 the most original business cards

Orlan 09.04.2019 at 10:13


Card – an indispensable attribute of every business person. Its main purpose is to give information about the person or company and to sell services. But is it is of interest to a plain white cardboard box with written on it with a dry text? Unlikely. These cards usually automatically hide in the pocket and then thrown away, or months lying on the desktop. Creative people create for themselves a really unusual business cards, which themselves are an interesting souvenir.

Someone will say that these cards are a distraction from the basic information on them. But only an original and memorable business cards can cause a real interest to the specialist and the desire to use its services. After all, if even such a commonplace as a business card, man made phenomenal, it certainly performs excellently.

1. Business card for creative Studio Skill Lab. Made using the technology of extrusion under pressure.

2. Business card of Grafanna company specializing in the development of the design for packaging. If you look at the card from a certain perspective, creates an optical illusion. We see the whole picture, which is actually located on different faces of the paper design.

3. These delicious business cards belong to one grocery store in Vancouver. Agree that their view is not weak appetite!

4. Card online store Built-to-spec in a pistol. One hand movement you can transform the gun into a rectangle and read all information.

5. Card company L Multimedia. Carry it in your wallet, may be uncomfortable, but the shape is very creative.

6. Personal business card of the artist Noel Pelavin. Particularly impressive they look in the stacks:) Maybe he gives it to the whole packs?

7. The card company Limbo. Small, but how unusual!

8. But this card is made of organic glass. For the manufacture of only fifty copies are required to pay about $ 30.

9. Card-the robot company Scizors. If you follow the simple instructions on the card, from a flat image, you can quickly make an interactive robot.

10. Business card for Fabio Bortolotti in the form of a space invader! According to the designer, by which it was developed, this mood inspired him popular in Japan in the 1970s video game Space Invaders.

11. Card Alan McCormack, the owner of the online store. The card is made of walnut tree.

12. Author Alex Timokhovsky card. When you take it in hands – it was nothing special. But it is only her "reveal" — and everything changes.

13. Card for Tian Lan Photography, developed by Cohezion. Well, what else a calling card can be the photographer? By the way, the "cap" of a lens is removed.

14. And it's just very stylish and modern business card. Black and white will always be in trend.

15. Card for Paper Donut in the shape of a pyramid. A card like this can be long to hold in his hands and even to keep it as a souvenir.

16. Business card specialist, which helps people to cope with baldness.

17. Make a business card with keychain – perfect solution! So some do need to leave. And if you need to sew a shirt custom – garment company contacts always at hand.

18. Business cards, which excites the desire to enjoy a banana or strawberry milkshake. A manufacturer is only right:)

19. But this is very impractical card company Ryan Johnstone Electrical. But it is immediately clear that the activities of the company connected with electricity.

20. Business card fitness trainer. It will stretch your muscles the way is able to do his card.

21. Editor Dan rose showed in making your business card all your talent. I made this interactive thing in the shape of a car. And not any, and Nissan Skyline.

22. Designers business cards have to be particularly original. And Roland Murillo created for yourself with business cards that are remembered all the people they fall into the wrong hands. You can use them as chips as coasters for coffee cups, and just to have around as curiosities.

23. Card "find the right words." Jose Contreras loves to see the reaction of people when he gives them his card face. But on the back there is the answer on the word puzzle.

24. Card stylist and hair stylist Yuki Suziki. As the hair pictured on the card images used conventional hair clips-Bobby pins.

25. Card Flow yoga center in the format of Mat training – its also possible to twist the roller. It is a pity that the size is not suitable for use in yoga:)

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