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JUDAS PRIEST singer of unusual tracks in the new round

Music news : 10.04.2019 at 10:34

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Rob Halford in a recent conversation touched on what rare songs can get into the set list JUDAS PRIEST as part of an American tour, which kicks off may 3 at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Hollywood, Florida, and will end on June 29 at The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada. Special guests of the program will be URIAH HEEP.

"When the PRIEST first came to the States in the late 1970s, we played just everywhere — for months we went, went, went. We played every bar, every club. Wherever could stick my amp, we played. So now, when the PRIEST tour was much bigger, all divided into three parts — right now kicks off its third part, and we hope to see all our favorite metal maniacs. So now we'll drive across America.

This will be our last segment of the tour of America this year and the third part round of "Firepower" in the United States. We're all sexual. If you saw us when we last visited in St. Louis, now we bring you another show. We have a different theme, other costumes, lights and, most importantly, music. We play really great classics that either never played it or played it all very, very long time. So that should be very cool and interesting."

On the question of which of rare tracks fans can hear in the spring tour, Rob said:

"We probably stopped at twelve or maybe fifteen tracks that rehearsing... Now we play "Killing Machine", she has migrated into our live set. Guys are constantly has been busy jamming, I was in my dressing room and thought: "Hey, what are they doing? Is that a "Killing Machine"?" I didn't hear her for thirty years. I came, and Yes — it really was a "Killing Machine". Sounded all good, so why not try? And we played it on one concert, and the fans loved it. So I'm sure we will include it in the set list when we play in St. Louis again."

Among other songs that can get in concert, Rob has mentioned "Out In The Cold" ("Turbo"), "Rapid Fire" ("British Steel"), "The Sentinel" ("Defenders Of The Faith") and "(Take These) Chains" ("Screaming For Vengeance").

Earlier guitarist Richie Faulkner in conversation with radio station Rock 100.5 had mentioned that fans can expect surprises in the setlist, and added that it "may be the songs that they have not heard for a very long time or even never heard of at concerts":

"Just fun to watch people's faces when you suddenly start to play something new or Vice versa — is well forgotten old". #Judas_Priest #JudasPriest #HeavyMetal #Heavy_Metal #Hard 'n' Heavy #_Hard 'n' Heavy