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35 years since the release of the album Zee — Identity

News 08.04.2019 at 21:00

News about the group Pink Floyd

9th April 1984, was realized one of the most intriguing partnerships in pop music of the eighties: Rick Wright, founding member of Pink Floyd, responsible for the magic on their keyboards which sold multi-millions of copies of albums, teamed with Dave ‘Dee’ Harris, best known to music fans as the frontman of electro-funk-band Fashion. Thirty-five years ago today was released the only album Identity of this group, who called himself Zee, and next week the sale will be the re-release of this album in the format box set.

the Album was recorded in 1982-83. in the home Studio of Wright in Utopia Studios in North London; it was actively used the Fairlight CMI synthesizer capable of reproducing the sound of any musical instrument.

the New partnership was born during a Greek vacation Rick Wright in 1981 year. That's when he met Rafa Ravenscroft's famous sax player-session player (decorate your party with a loud hit of Gerry Rafferty's "Baker Street").

– the RAF were interested in creating a group, and we talked with him just as musicians, said Rick. – When we returned to England, then was found again, together with several other musicians, including Dave Harris. We even had a rehearsal at some Studio in Battersea, but then did not get - mainly because no one was material.

At the time, Dave Harris has just left Fashion: "I Believe that the reason can be attributed to the usual "don't agree on the music." My decision to leave the Fashion was good for the band and for me, but I really needed to work with someone so we can share ideas with each other. Became more and more obvious that Rick work well together, and ultimately that is what happened. The other guys that were originally involved in the process, too, knew it, and in the end left only Rick and I writing together."

Richard and Dave began work on the album "Identity" in September 1982, first in a small Studio Rika, and six months later moved to Utopia, to make everday. Unfortunately, we first had to solve some legal problems, and then the question arose about the development of the Fairlight.

– First, we experimented for hours with him, recalled Rick. – The great thing about Fairlight is that each time, returning to it, you learn something else. We had to get this under control because it would be very easy to to just grab the funny sounds. We spent several weeks on the ordering and description of all accumulated, but in the end it was worth it.

he added: it was very interesting to work with Dave, because there were things that he did, and I had never, and Vice versa. I think that Zee has provided us with musical opportunities that, quite frankly, none of us would be able to explore in our previous groups.

Now, after thirty-five years, the fruits of creativity Zee get its Deluxe incarnation, like many other original back-catalogs.

the source: Zee — Identity 2019, PledgeMusic