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Glowing green eyes and wings: the man met the terrible two meters monster

NEWS PLANET 09.04.2019 at 08:10

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The Incident occurred on 28 February of this year in Woodstock, Illinois. 911 received a call from a man who on the emotions began to tell about the mysterious creation of growth more than two metres. Something was wandering around the supermarket "Jewel Osco" and when she saw a man start to scream wildly.

it Turned out later that the witnesses were few. The police found that the creation screamed one citizen, and then rushed to the fence. The monster had wings and glowing green eyes. The body of the demonic entity was completely black.

Another statement dated 22 Feb. The researchers are from "The Singular Fortean Society" found that a mysterious creature seen in the area of McHenry County Fairgrounds, which, in turn, is not far from the swamp Dufield Pond. The region is located near lake Michigan (about 35 miles), where recently regularly see mysterious creatures. The first "ring" came back in 2017. As a rule, the demonic creatures appear at night. Who exactly do you see Americans remains a mystery.

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