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In the coming weeks the world will come three days of darkness

NEWS PLANET 09.04.2019 at 09:20

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On foreign websites began to appear EN masse alert the telepaths of the three days of darkness that will come in the coming weeks or months. So, the message from God received Linda Courtney, known in narrow circles of the woman hastened to share information with the world.

will soon happen, an event like the solar Eclipse, will only provoke his Nibiru passing between the Sun and Earth. Linda recorded the video, which has already been seen by 200 thousand people. It notes that to stop future terrible things will not work – a mighty move of God is unwavering. Scientists call the change of climatic change, whereas the Lord calls the process Holy Will.

the Era of mankind is coming to an end, everything is moving to radically change the world. The planet will soon be in the dark, a tool for the implementation of plans – Nibiru, which is now surely making its way. Planet X will blot out the Sun, the temperature on the Ground fell sharply to +12,5°C max.

In a time of darkness upon the earth will wander all the evil spirits, and the dead shall be raised. To protect yourself from the influence of demons, you will need to cover all Windows and tightly closed doors.

Three days of darkness is a restart of mankind, created 6 thousand years ago. This is the end for some and beginning for others.

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