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In the center of the milky Way discovered a giant cross

NEWS PLANET 09.04.2019 at 14:37

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In the scientific journal "Astronomical Journal" published an article which noted that scientists noticed in the center of our galaxy, the cross-shaped object of considerable size from a few thousand star formations that emerged relatively recently.

the Discovery was made by Melissa ness and Dustin lang from the canadian University of Toronto through the social network Twitter, which was posting pictures of the galaxy to study the "cosmic web".

the photographs astrophysics lang, Melissa noticed the strange structure over the galaxy and its center – near the so-called bulge. It consists of clusters of a huge number of young stars and some spiral galaxies. Scientists can't say exactly what contributed to the formation of structures. According to some, the object was the result of many collisions of large galaxies and their dwarf variants. Others believe that the formation occurred naturally during the evolution of spiral galaxies.

Some pictures are given to understand that cluster of stars similar to the long box or a date, and inside there are X-shaped structure, resembling a cross.

the Pictures proving the existence of the cross, was taken by a telescope WISE, only he can break through the clouds of dust and cold gas, "looking" right in the center of the milky Way.

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