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Global warming: melting of glaciers is gaining momentum throughout the world

NEWS PLANET 09.04.2019 at 14:45

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For anybody not a secret that the glaciers in Antarctica and Greenland have the greatest impact on sea-level rise. But, unfortunately, not only these areas contribute to the increase.

due to the fact that around the world began to melt away glaciers, global sea level increased by 27 mm. Was lost more than 9000 billion tons of ice. If this will continue, in 2100 there will be ice on the tops of mountain ranges located in the United States, Europe, Canada and the Caucasus. Glaciers melting on Arctic territory which belongs to Russia. Some of them have remained entirely without snow cover, on the other a very thin layer. The experts also reviewed the data, obtained from a large part of all the glaciers that exist on the planet.

the researchers conducted a study that showed that over 30 years, since 1990, the rate of melting glaciers has tripled. With the pace very soon can disappear under water for many countries located along the coasts of seas and oceans. The average global sea level increases annually by 1 mm, which may soon lead to catastrophic consequences.

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