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The statement of the scientists: Earth lost the magnetic field

NEWS PLANET 09.04.2019 at 15:07

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The core of the Earth, as it turned out, after much research, is still quite young.

the lowest level of Earth's magnetic field was recorded around 565 million years ago. Just then, the planet is almost lost. If the solid inner core began to form, it would have increased the geomagnetic field. This means that at the time, the kernel was not yet solid.

Scientists from Racistische University located in the United States, engaged in the measurement of the ancient magnetic field of the Earth and its direction. This takes into account data obtained through a kind of magnetic inclusions, which have been found in single crystals of plagioclase. These substances are formed 565 million years ago in present-day Canada and Quebec. They determined that the then present not only a record low magnetic field, but a fairly high rate of inversions of the magnetic type. This discovery was a proof that the Earth is almost left without a magnetic field. Before the crash was not much time.

Some of the scholars say that the solidification of the planet's core started on time, otherwise now would not live people, and not the fact that there would be Land.

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