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Scientists cloned foal, who died 42 thousand years ago

NEWS PLANET 10.04.2019 at 07:44

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Experts from Russia and South Korea believe they will be able to revive the dead horse thanks to the technology of DNA cloning. The stallion was found in the crater Bategeka, located in Siberia, in the Sakha Republic. Education occurred only 60 years ago as a result of melting permafrost – the soil eventually subsided.

the corpse belongs to the Lena horse breed. Colt died in the second week of life, showed the study. He walked on the earth 42 million years ago. The cold climate has contributed to the good preservation of the body: hair, skin, hooves and internal organs remained in place.

To implement their plans, scientists are now looking for cells that can be resuscitated. All work is carried out in the North-Eastern University in Yakutsk.

the Probability of successful cloning is very high, experts said. They are already looking for a horse to stand is not quite normal offspring. Externally, Lena horse had a lot in common with these Yakut horses. She, too, was thick and stocky, had short legs and large hooves. Some experts believe that the Yakut horse is the descendant of Lena breed.

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