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The Australians stumbled upon a crashed alien ship

NEWS PLANET 10.04.2019 at 16:02

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In the network appeared interesting selfie in the background is a crashed alien ship (or at least so think the creators of the pictures). As noted by the people of Australia, they came across something unusual when I rode motorcycles through the valley of mount Macedon. A strange object was similar to the destroyed alien vessel.

the Witnesses got in touch with friends, so they approached him. When came "help", that no flying saucers were not – only the police, which blocked the site of the alleged crash. Good thing the guys managed to take a selfie before "left".

no One can say what happened to the alien ship, of course, if there ever was one. Perhaps the police took it to a special database. Now, most likely, UFO's being studied by some scientists in the secret complex.

Experts believe that people will be able to learn some alien technology. In General, the incident looks like someone's joke- many inconsistencies and few specifics. It is important to note that the photo has hit the Internet just two years later.

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