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The Karymshina volcano: should we be afraid of the eruption

NEWS PLANET 10.04.2019 at 16:44

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On the Kamchatka Peninsula is a large mountain system, stretching over 35 kilometers. The system has an oval shape and is considered one of the most ancient volcanoes of the Karymshina. He was discovered relatively recently – in 2007.

Some experts believe that if the volcano will erupt, it will cause terrible disaster for the world. The last time the volcano's activity was manifested about half a million years ago, but due to nearby other large volcanoes, the situation can happen again. Some of them are up to today and if activity increases, this can lead to the eruption Karymshina.

Many people say that this volcano is very similar to other world – famous nature reserve-the Yellowstone. For the most part they are similar due to the fact that both pose a serious threat. Over the last ten years in Kamchatka woke up two major volcanoes – Shiveluch and Kizimen. A small activity can be observed next to the slopes of Gorely volcano, which last erupted almost a decade ago.

is to monitor another active volcano – Karymsky. Recent data clearly indicate that in Kamchatka increased by several times the seismic activity. Therefore, it is not excluded that may soon awaken and Karymshina volcano.

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