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The results of its financial activities presented in the report Skyworth Breaking news 10.04.2019 at 20:59

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Net profit of the company amounted to 553 million yuan (about us $ 82.3 million. USA), the gross profit margin increased to 18.7%, and investment in R & d increased by 18%

on March 29, the company Skyworth released a report on the results of its operations for the nine months ended December 31, 2018 (the"reporting period"). This is the first financial report of the company after the adjustment to the fiscal calendar.

According to the published in the document data, the turnover of the group in the reporting period amounted to 30,192 billion yuan (about 4.49 billion dollars. USA). The overall gross profit margin increased to 18.7 percent and the net profit amounted to 553 million yuan (about us $ 82.3 million. USA), which is 10.8 percent more compared to the same period last year, when the company received 499 million yuan (about $ 74.3 million. USA).

the report included and not yet audited financial results for the 12-month period from 1 January to 31 December 2018. According to these data, total annual turnover of Skyworth made 39,271 billion yuan (about of 5.84 billion dollars. USA) or only 0.1 percent higher compared with the previous year. However, the gross profit margin increased to 18.5 per cent, 16.9 per cent exceeding last year's figure. The growth of TV sales group in mainland China has seen double-digit. The company invested $ 1,688 billion yuan (251 million us dollars. USA) (18% more than in 2017) in the development of various high-quality smart products in order to increase their competitiveness. Overall, the group managed to significantly improve its performance.

Analyzing the results of the last year, Skyworth has made adjustments to the range of color TVs, introducing a new line of MAXTV and OLED with optimized settings for the user interaction. In addition, the company shifted its focus on widescreen TVs with a screen of 55 inches. Against this background, the group actively developed the cooperation with key clients in overseas markets by continuously improving the service and increasing the competitiveness of their products, and that was the impetus for the growth in gross profit. Over the past year, Skyworth sold 15,316 million televisions worldwide, providing their services to more than 36 million users of smart TV, and the average number of daily active audience to date already exceeds the 13.65 million

a Unit of digital TV set-top boxes has also made a significant contribution to the increase in gross profit of the group for increasing the share of products with high added value in the total supply volume. However, the group has invested significant resources in developing new products for Android OS and also has signed strategic cooperation agreements with Google, Netflix and other content providers.

Revenues from sales of smart appliances in mainland China for the period amounted to 2,788 billion yuan (about 415 million dollars. USA), which is 2.2 percent more compared to the previous year, while revenue from foreign supplies immediately soared by 60.7 percent to 784 million yuan (about $ 117 million. USA).

today the company is actively developing its activities around the globe: in her sphere of interests includes not only China and other Asian regions, but also Africa, Europe and the United States. The main market for Skyworth remains mainland China, but a noticeable increase is observed in middle Eastern and African regions.

the advantages of Using preferential policies of the Chinese government, contributing to the development of the industry video equipment with ultra-high resolution and stimulating the onset of the first stage of the 5G era, Skyworth Group plans to increase the scale of deep integration of hardware, software, operating systems, content and services, as well as the merge key support resources of the descending and ascending segments of the industry chain with the aim of forming the Foundation for the creation of industry ecosystems of intelligent home appliances, leading on the successful exit of a segment on a new and very important stage of development.